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Kathy Mclain Hair

Our President & Founder  Unique Umbrella Effect

Hello, my name is Kathy Mclain Hair, It was just seven years ago, that God placed in my spirit, the vision for The Unique Umbrella Effect. I saw a vision of an umbrella with wires that represented various businesses. The handle of the umbrella represented God holding us up. The top of the umbrella was a covering which protects and unites each business and our communities.My husband and son were immediately excited about the vision. It was April of 2015, that God gave me the statement "We will make an impact on the community." Shortly thereafter, The Unique Umbrella Effect had its first meeting in my home. We invited a group of business owners and told them about my vision. They too began to see and support this vision and wanted to be apart of its Ministry. It is my belief that we will be able to impact the community with a wealth of knowledge along with the different services we provide under one Umbrella. Thank You and God Bless!

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Dina Davis

Our Vice President  |  Business Development & Consulting

Black Billionaire Institute

At The Black Billionaire Institute, we specialize in helping minority business owners get results. With our services ranging from online courses, workshops, and consulting services, we can help you build a powerful brand to generate additional leads for your business and reach your ideal clientele.

Your success as a business owner is our priority. We want to help you grow your business, increase revenue, and get the results you want. Join the movement by signing up for our exclusive Blk Billionaire Conglomerate by connecting with us online @ or IG @blkbillionaireinstitute

For More Information ​Call (407) 487 - 3497

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Charlotte Israel 

Health & Wellness

Charlotte Israel is the CEO and Founder of Covenant Care Ministries, Inc. and Back to Eden Health and Wellness Centers. She is an accomplished flautist and featured recording artist with Conquer Entertainment as well as an international motivational speaker on’s “Hebrew Institute Live” program. Her professional affiliations include the National Association of Professional Women and she has maintained leadership positions within the local chapters of BNI, the American Cancer Society and the Rotary Club of Palm Harbor. Charlotte’s recent accomplishments include being awarded the coveted “Certified Trainer of the Year” award by Market America and being nominated as a candidate for Westchase Charitable Foundation’s “Tampa Bay Woman of the Year” award. Her wellness center, Back to Eden Medical Fitness Center, was awarded the Tampa Bay Times Reader’s Choice Award in 2014 and the Best of Tampa Bay Award in 2015 as one of the top three weight loss clinics in Northwest Tampa.

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Charlotte’s mission is to assist individuals in improvement of their socio-economic, physical health and spiritual conditions through various programs such as educational assistance (GED, tutoring, etc.), housing location for the homeless, career and health counseling, and scriptural studies. 

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Chef Brown

Brown's Catering

Private Chef  |  Food Prep & Catering Services 

Welcome to Brown's Catering with Chef Brown. Brown's Catering provides a variety of excellent dishes for various events. The events range from weddings, church events, corporate, events, birthday events and much more. If you're looking for homestyle cooking, seafood, or signature custom request dishes. Look no further Book Brown's Catering today!!

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​Call Today (813) 748 - 2963 or (813) 785 -6024 To Place Your Order!


Judy Hewitt

Self-Care 4 Caregivers

Author, Speaker, Caregiver Coach & Advocate

Judy A Hewitt caregiver coach has a career span of over thirty years in the health care industry, she has held several positions such as Medical assistant, Administrator, Case Manager, and Advocate. Her compassion and caring for others have been one of her characteristics at an early age and it comes naturally. She recalls at age of ten assisting with putting eye drops in her great-grandmother's eyes and how gratifying to hear she did a good job. 

As a co-author of the bestselling anthology “For Such A Time As This” where Judy speaks about forgiveness and her personal journey as a caregiver to a family member.

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Dale & Monica Savage

Our Treasurer "Xstream Travel" | Owners & CEO

The Savages, Monica and Dale Savage, have been travel professionals since May 2015 when they joined forces with The Unique Umbrella Effect, Inc.  We strive to provide first class travel experiences. Xstream Travel offers complete full service for all your travel needs. Through Ibuumerang and our Igo Platform (the PRIB – Perpetual Residual Income Builder), we enter you into the world of Technology. Igo4less free travel portal, offers a five star lifestyle at three star prices with our discount travel, guaranteed to be the lowest prices when it comes to hotels, cruises, rental cars, flights, homes, weeks, marketplace, activities and lifestyles. Vibe Rides, takes ridesharing to another level with our “choose your vibe” Bill Genius offer a great way to lower your monthly bills, like your cable bill, cell phone bill, utility bills and you don’t pay anything unless you save.

We also have the world first wearable no-touch technology called Zence and you can choose your mood with essential oils like lemon, lavender and eucalyptus You can “Travel With the Savages” to different parts of the world every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on Facebook Live. We are The Savages, where the world is our Playground

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Call Today! Monica 813 401-8677 or Dale 813-516-8110


Daralyn Sanders

Tanili Inc.

Tanili Inc, is an organization that mentors young ladies from the age of five up to seventeen, by teaching them life skills, and connecting them to nursing home residents. Please visit our website to learn more

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Chantel & Lashawn Milton

Credit Repair & Real Estate  Agent

We are a family owned business with a strong background of banking and real estate for over twelve years. We educate customers on how to understand all aspects of their credit score. We help our customers  achieve the credit score to gain purchase power. This allows our customers to purchase homes, cars and lower interest rates and even their car insurance.  We have a credit enhancer program which allows our customers to build credit or boost their credit score.

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Rosalind Walker-Allen

2nd Chance Event Planning

Rosalind Walker-Allen is a native of Tampa, Florida, and specializes in various areas within the event planning industry. Rosalind is the CEO of 2nd Chance Event Planning and executes nothing less than 5 star experiences, with special undivided attention to each client. Mrs. Walker has not only coordinated, decorated and planned many events around the country; she has also lead by example as a mentor to some of the Tampa’s best event planners. As a perfectionist of her craft for over 25 years. Her love for creating detail personalized and promotional items, for her personal and corporate clients. She is a firm believer that others may provide the same services, but never the same extraordinary experience.

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Maria Gonzales CEO

Nsurance By Maria

My name is Maria Gonzales and I am the owner of Nsurance by Maria. I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for 24 years, needless-to-say, it is home to me. In 2007, I changed careers and began working in the Medicare industry, first in marketing, then as a licensed agent for WellCare Health Plans. It was later that year that I decided to become an agent and created an agency that represents every Medicare plan in this area. Our agents are very knowledgeable as well as involved inthe community. You will see us doing ice cream socials, planning birthday parties, having bingo tournaments, or even Zumba at senior centers. We take great pride in educating our seniors on their Medicare benefits to ensure they are placed in the care of the best Doctors in the area. We look forward to helping you navigate through any questions or concerns that you may have.

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Katrina Osborne

Resource Empowerment Centre |  Pearlena's Adult Activity Center 

Community Outreach & Resource Agency

The Resource Empowerment Centre (The REC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on empowerment of our communities by connecting people with resources, providing one-on-one support, fostering advocacy and education to help transform lives of those in need.


Gone are the days of staring out of a window while in a rocking chair. Today’s mature seniors are intelligent, independent, social and forward-thinking individuals. Due to many new advances in medical technology, life expectancy is joyfully rising.  More and more of our mature seniors want a better quality of social interaction as well as mental/emotional stimulation. Pearlena's Adult Activity Center is your quality answer for you and your loved ones.  We offer SmartBoard@ computerized assisted activities for those interested.  Computer access, Board games, card games and full activity schedule of events to keep your loved ones happy, as well as mentally and emotionally stimulated. Not to mention socially connected to others.


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Kenton Young

Marketing Director

Mr. Kenton Young is an accomplished marketing director earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication, and Marketing from Southeastern University. He has over 20 years of leadership in business, sales, and media event marketing, along with mentorship; he made a remarkable impression on the business industry. One of his many passions is to help the younger generation in realizing their true potential through developing healthy business practices, while advancing in leadership and marketing to advance their career. When he is not at KJ Consults managing his business, you can find him serving in his local church or one of the many non-profit organizations where he shares his message “you can do anything” with God. Mr. Young is an inspiration; he is often referred as a “real survivor” because he survived two house fires both young age and as an adult. His passion and determination to make a difference in his community is admirable.

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Michele Newman

Tax Masters Plus LLC  |  Real Tax Debt Relief

Established a leading Tax Resolution firm in 2001. As an Enrolled Agent (EA) she is licensed by the IRS and authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS in an unlimited capacity helping taxpayers file & resolve their tax issues. Not only does she represent clients before the IRS but she has a BS in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and with her entrepreneurial spirit she believes that "All Things Are Possible". She has Tax Agencies established in Florida, Georgia, Indiana, and Louisiana. For over 10 years Mrs. Newman consulted as a Tax School Instructor and Coordinator for Purdue University. Over the years she has taught thousands of other Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, Attorneys, Certified Financial Planners, and other tax professionals the latest in tax law and regulatory changes. She has been providing unparalleled tax resolution service to small businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations for over 21 years and is an advocate for teaching her clients.

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LaShawn Milton

Secretary "Milton Home Group"

LaShawn Milton your neighborhood realtor is an accomplished Tampa Bay Area agent who brings a strategic, personable approach to the home buying and selling process. LaShawn has mastered top negotiating skills from past experiences as an entrepreneur and from her banking career and property management. Now she brings her passion, attention to detail and friendly customer care to help buyers obtain the best value and assist sellers with a smooth, stress-free sale. A Tampa Bay native, LaShawn has extensive knowledge of the area and serves the entire Tampa Bay region. She specializes in home buying and selling and investment properties. As an experienced agent, LaShawn understands that buying and selling is one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life and views representation and guidance of her clients through this process as a true privilege.

LaShawn is a member of NAR, GTR, and currently serves on the few boards, the YPN Young Professional Network, Community Outreach, Government Affairs, RPAC, Unique Umbrella Effect, Women’s Council, NAREB, Tanili Inc, along with her service in the community.

Ray Guzman

Independent Insurance Agent - All LINES ( except Medicare )

My name is Raymundo Guzman.I am a local licensed independent insurance agent and have been in business for over 5 years in the Tampa area. I represent most major insurance companies from auto, home, and health. I use my knowledge of insurance to help guide my clients to make the best decisions, and at no cost, I will help you find the best insurance for your needs.

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Artisia Williams

Troops In Treatment 

Our focus is to raise resources, awareness, and motivation for Troops (Women, Veteran, Students, and Seniors) by overcoming trials, tribulations, and time (living life to the fullest unapologetically).

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Lorshawn & Theresa

Details Coming Soon 

Details Coming Soon 

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