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Tis the Season - Giving Back Is an Ongoing Process

Updated: Jul 18

Christmas The Unique Umbrella Effect is an organization that focuses on giving back during the holiday season. We believe that giving back should be an ongoing process all year round and not just once a year. Our goal is to make sure that no one feels alone during the holidays, especially those who have no family or friends nearby.

In the spirit of the holidays, many people are down and out because they are not able to spend time with their families and friends. The Unique Umbrella Effect has taken a stand against this by helping those in need during this holiday season.

By donating to local nursing homes and community resource banks, we are able to help bring a smile on the faces of those throughout the Tampa Bay community. Nursing homes can be an especially difficult place for seniors to spend time during Christmas as they have no family or friends around them.

The Unique Umbrella Effect has been working hard over the last year to help these people feel more included at Christmas time. We have partnered with various organizations in order to provide gifts for seniors in nursing homes across the country. In addition, we have partnered with local banks so that they can provide toys for children whose families may not be able to afford them otherwise.

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