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Our goal is to build our communities by way of activation, education, and mobilization, and promoting entrepreneurship. The Unique Umbrella Effect will work tirelessly serving others throughout our local and statewide communities.






It is our desire to connect Entrepreneurs with local communities and help them to tap into and uncover their God-given potential. Our primary focus is helping to make a positive mindset changes in the lives of those who serve our communities.


We provide support and guidance for transforming the roadblocks that are hindering you into power plays that move you from mediocrity to successful thinking.


Whether you want to achieve a specific project outcome, or simply wish to enhance all areas of your life; we want to assist you along your journey!. 

With your total commitment, together we can create a more fulfilling and meaningful journey towards achieving your goals.


Contact us and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love, and can be proud of!

The Unique Umbrella Effect, together we can change our communities!   

                         Life Is - "Living In Fullness Everyday"

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