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- Participate

Our goal is to build our communities by way of activation, education, and mobilization,

and promoting entrepreneurship.


The Unique Umbrella Effect will work tirelessly

serving others throughout our local

and statewide communities.


We Are

Movers and Shakers



The Unique Umbrella Effect is a coalition of Christian business owners, innovative Entrepreneurs, and Community Leaders that seek to collectively bring about social and economic change in the community.

Testimonials - Here's What People Are Saying!

Quotation Mark

I love the atmosphere and the excitement from the group. I look forward to growing with this organization.


Thank You

-D. Glenn

Quotation Mark

Thank You to the

Unique Umbrella Effect for great networkings & trainings.

This organization is

truly unique.


Quotation Mark

Thank you Unique Umbrella Effect for helping me with the amazing referrals last year.

This has provided our team the greatest experience and next

level readiness.

-K Young

Our Network

 Inspires Community Action

Strengthening Our Communities Through:


Personal Growth & Family Empowerment

Growing Business & Health and Wellness

Community Events & Cultural Enhancements


Technology & Marketing

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Service Areas:

We are located in Tampa, FL  However, membership is extended to Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. across the United States.

PO Box 8146 Tampa, FL 33674-8146

Phone: 813-550-9736

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