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Empowering Our Communities Through Education

Updated: Jul 18

We are a coalition of Christian entrepreneurs whose goal is to build our communities by way of activation, education, mobilization, and promotion of local businesses and entrepreneurs. Our mission, to bring about social and economic change in the community. It is in this spirit that we stand alongside thousands of other members who sacrifice hectic schedules on a daily basis so as to uplift the needs of others - their friends, families, and surrounding communities

The Unique Umbrella Effect coalition collaborates with local businesses to empower our neighborhoods by addressing the holistic needs resulting in both empowerment and action being taken. Here you will notice one of our workshops being held at The Resource Empowerment Centre located in Tampa, Florida. Offering hands on education that will help inspire those in attendance to invoke change in their lives as well as the lives of others. The Resource Empowerment Centre is an non-profit organization that provides tools and resources including housing stabilitation, connection to resources like Seniors In Service as well as medicaid and SNAP benefit application assistance along with many other resources that empower each participant. The goal is to give people a "hand up" during their most difficult times in need so that they feel drawn to be able to do the same for someone else in the future.

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